Mineral Stick Water Care

Every day:

Run spa according to recommendations supplied to you by the manufacturer of your spa.

After Each Use:

Add 1 ounce of MPS to spa per 250 gallons with each use.

(MPS is MonoPeroxySulfate or Potassium Peroxymonosulfate or non chlorine shock)

I find it works out to about 1 ounce of MPS per person, per use.

Once A Week:

Test pH levels and adjust the pH, total alkalinity, and hardness as needed.

Shock treat with 1 ounce of dichlor (Chlorine) per 250 gallons

Spas with heavy use will need to do this more often or after a heavy bather load.

It works out to about 1/2 ounce of chlorine per person weekly. If you use your spa more than 2 times a week, do this twice a week.


Clean the filters. Use an instant filter cleaner (follow instructions on bottle)

Use a spray nozzle on your hose and blast that yuck and grime out!

Clean the spa cover and use 303 cover protectant.

Every 4 Months:

Drain, clean and refill your spa. Replace the Mineral Cartridge.

As Needed or When Water is Cloudy or Smelly:

Shock treat with 1 ounce dichlor (Chlorine) per 250 gallons to remedy problems which may occur when bathing loads are high, when successive MPS test strip reading indicate high demand, when water appears hazy or dull, when unpleasant odors or eye irritation occur, after heavy wind and rainstorms or if foam develops.

Spa use is based on 1 person using the spa for 1 1/2 hours per week.

If you use your spa more you’ll need to adjust accordingly.

Water Care

We recommend a 24 Circulation pump and Ozone

(It is what we use in our hot tub)

Give us a call if you have questions!


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